Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sun Conjunct the North Node | breadcrumbs ...

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The Sun meets up with the North Node (our collective way forward) at 24 degrees Leo today.

A light (Sun) is thrown on our best path forward (North Node).

It could be a bright spotlight we can't miss or maybe it's a tiny flicker that catches our eye and pulls us over to investigate a new direction.

We might receive some confirmation we are on the right path now. Or a gentle shove in a direction we hadn't before considered.

The thing to keep in mind during the 18 months the North Node is in Leo: the best way forward will be heart-centered. It will require we be proud of what we have created. It will require us to take the center stage of our own life. It will require us to have some fun. It will require courage.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, so think about where the Sun sits in your natal chart. That sign is how you will shine in this lifetime. That's your sweet spot. So what's your Sun sign and how can you be a better version of that.

xo all

The Moon is in conversational and multi-tasking Gemini today answering to a retrograde Mercury. This would be a good time to follow up with communications/ideas from before July 25th. Maybe something that didn't work out then, can work out now. Maybe someone who couldn't help us then, can help us now.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Venus in Cancer Opposite Pluto in Capricorn | hot potato ...

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Venus is uber active this week putting some finishing touches on a story that started around last Thanksgiving.

Today, in Cancer, she opposes Pluto (in Capricorn). This highlights power imbalances.

There could be control issues, compulsion, manipulation, competition, vulnerability and jealousy situations - they might seem to hit without warning but for those who are really paying attention this dance started in late November 2016 when these two planets conjuncted and intensified Venus issues - love, money, self-esteem, our values.

This transit can make things that are dark and secretive and even destructive (Pluto) attractive (Venus) to us. We could be drawn to things and people and situations we would normally steer clear of.

In Cancer and Capricorn issues around home/family vs. work could come up. This year's familiar storyline - "what would we do to succeed? what are we willing to sacrifice?" could worm its way into this chapter, too.

Or maybe we are embroiled in our chapter about "losing the thing we can't live without" or "losing control of something we want/need to control" - the things that makes us feel safe. Giving too much power to the stuff outside ourselves that we can't control is just begging for someone/some situation to come along and take it away from us during a Pluto transit!

With Pluto (passion) opposing Venus (attraction) the pull/seduction of whatever it is we are wanting can be so great we can't see clearly what is really going on.

With Venus in Cancer probably something that is rooted in our basic need for safety and security is challenged

Pluto rules karma, transformation, death and rebirth. Pluto lessons come through loss. 

Multiple people I know in long term housing situations were forced to move in the last few months. Many women I know whose power (and safety) came through their husband's income/position are working with losses there. The lesson is often that what we really want/need (Venus) is something we can only find within ourselves (Pluto).

Like the characters in the Wizard of Oz we learn we had the power, ie "core of the thing we were seeking/ thing we can't live without" within us all the time. We just projected that power onto someone or something else, so they could toss it back to us like a hot potato when the time was right ... and ripe ... for us to develop it.

With this story playing out in a big way over a long length of time, the lesson will not come cheap (or painless). 

In two days, Venus will be squaring Jupiter and even though squares bring tension and stress there could be enough benevolent energy here to bring about a successful transformation/conclusion. Venus's inconjunct with Saturn on Friday though makes me think there is some part of this we are not loving but we are just going to have to live with ...

For now - avoid power games, avoid manipulation. Don't be afraid to own up to the thing you are most afraid of losing. Bringing this stuff out of the shadows and into the light is the entire point of this transit. Remember that North Node in heart-centered Leo. We can love our way through anything now ...

xo all

Monday, August 14, 2017

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of August 14th - reality checks are imminent, updated post

the deepening twilight by Natalia Drepina

OK, we kick off this week with a newly retrograde Mercury (we are revising and revisiting and he is backing up over the degrees he walked last week via our conversations, communications, news, siblings, transportation issues). In the U.S. we had another violent action/news story involving transportation on or near a Mercury station day - we have seen that pattern in world events for a while now. Mercury is still moving very slowly this week ... and backward!

We are in between eclipses AND approaching the BIG Solar Eclipse of August 21st. We haven't had a total Solar Eclipse cross the entire continental United States since 1776 and with the U.S. Pluto return fast approaching - I'd say multiple reality checks are imminent. Expect BIG news when Mercury stations direct on the eclipse degree on September 5th and lots of confusion in the meantime. We will talk about this eclipse in detail this week but in the meantime let's look more closely at the next few days.

On Monday, the Moon is in Taurus. Our attention will on our finances, our resources - the things we value. We will be busy and this is good energy to get stuff done, even though we could be feeling the pressure as well as stronger emotions around unstable situations. Know that life probably isn't stable right now in the way you are wanting it to be - we are in between eclipses! 

The Moon makes several aspects today - first squaring Mars (could be an argument about money). Then (within minutes) sextiling (opportunity) Venus and giving us pretty much the opposite energy - money flows in, relationship issues move more smoothly. It's a mixed bag - whichever aspect is more closely hitting your planets and points is the one you will be feeling most strongly. Neither is long lasting although Venus is very active this week.

By mid-morning the Moon is trining (brakes off) Pluto making our interactions, especially with women and family members, more dramatic and profound. We want emotional depth. We uncover secrets. There could be monetary gains through female relatives. Trust your 'gut' instincts, especially regarding situations where you sense 'danger'.

The Moon is squaring the Sun (in Leo) bringing us to this month's Third Quarter Square of the Moon - the results come in. If this week's developments/outcomes are not what we had been hoping for - remember the upcoming Solar Eclipse is an uber-potent New Moon. And it's in Leo, the sign of our heart's desire! Start thinking about those New Moon intentions now.

Squares are tension and with the Moon is Taurus we could be feeling any lack of resources (money, time, etc) standing between us and what we want to create or any obstacles to something started around the New Moon on June 23rd. The Moon goes void at 9:15PM EDT.

On Tuesday, Venus (in Cancer) opposes a retrograde Pluto (in Capricorn). Whatever it is we want, the feeling is intense. We want it bad. There could be control issues now and subconscious desires bubbling up. We could be projecting (maybe power?) what we have hidden or need to find within ourselves onto other people. With Jupiter (in Libra and answering to Venus) set to square Venus on Wednesday/Thursday and inconjunct Saturn on Friday- something connected here could conclude then or some results be delivered.

The Moon is void until 10:05AM EDT then moves into Gemini. Good for multi-tasking and moving quickly from one thing to the other. Expect lots of communication. This is good energy to catch up on emails, etc. A good day for a road trip. We will be restless. 

On Wednesday the Moon in Gemini sextiles Mars giving us extra physical energy. Opportunities come through action. Keep communications focused and to the point. The Moon moves on trine (brakes off) Jupiter - this is great energy for being social. We could get news now or information that expands the situation. By dinnertime, the Moon is opposing Saturn and people become less flexible and more judgemental. There could be roadblocks or revisions.

Venus will be squaring Jupiter. Usually squares bring tension but with Venus in Cancer (answering to the Moon) and Jupiter in Libra (answering to Venus) - the feminine, receptive energy should keep everything moving a bit more smoothly. This is good energy for business and money - especially involving women - and for legal issues to get settled in a fair manner. Be out and about - bring your best self to all situations. The impulse could be there to spend money you can't afford to spend - especially on luxury items and in this case, luxury means whatever you can do without if it is outside your budget -  leave the credit cards at home. Have I said winter is coming?

Remember I am writing about these aspects when they are exact. Their influences can be felt when they first move into or out of aspect, too, so may not be felt precisely on the day indicated although the Moon's aspects pass quickly and will be very close/exact to when I write them. The other planets aspects influence us for longer periods.

I will finish out the week later today.

I had an early morning/middle of the night run to Newark airport to drop off my sister (sniffle) and ended up back in bed! We had a great visit AND with Mercury retrograde more than our fair share of mix ups.

Here is the rest of the week.

On Thursday and Friday the Moon is in Cancer. We are focused on home, family, real estate, safety, security, country, patriotism issues. An inconjunct between Venus and Saturn says that whether we get that thing we are really, really wanting or we don't, there is some kind of restriction or something here that just isn't fixable ... rock meet hard place. xo all